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Daily Bible Reading

Welcome to Daily Bible Readings page. As a church community, we engage in daily Bible readings using the transformative SOAP journaling method. Immerse yourself in a structured, engaging, and reflective approach to grow in your relationship with God.

What is SOAP journaling?

SOAP is an acronym and a method of studying God’s word, which teaches us to apply God’s word to our daily lives.


Here’s how it works:

  • Each day, there is a selection of scriptures which we read through as a church family. The daily Bible reading can be found HERE.
  • After reading today’s scriptures, think about which verse(s) stood out to you the most.  Write this verse down in your journal as the ‘S’ (Scripture)
  • Take a few minutes to think about your Scripture, and what it is that caught your attention. Write this down in your journal as the ‘O’ (Observation)
  • Think about how this verse applies to your life, keeping in mind the context of the surrounding chapter. Pray for insight, of how God would like to transform your daily decisions through this verse. Write this down in your journal as the ‘A’ (Application)
  • Lastly write down a prayer ‘P’ in your journal, asking God for His help to live out the principles that you’ve learned today!

Transformation doesn’t happen in a day, but it does happen daily.

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