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Our Team

At New Hope Legacy, we believe that “doing church as a team” is God’s design for effective ministry. We are a gift-based, volunteer-driven ministry. This means that our mission is fulfilled through every member finding their God-given purpose, rather than all of the ministry being performed by a few full-time workers. Meet our talented and passionate leaders, who lead each of our volunteer teams in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ!


From his childhood home in Oregon, God led Pastor Trenton to Kona in 2004 where he began volunteering with a small church which eventually grew to become New Hope Legacy.

He has a passion for worship and evangelism, and for seeing lives transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.

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Trenton Johnson

Senior Pastor

Ku’uipo (Ipo) is the wife of our Senior Pastor Trenton Johnson, and leads our talented Hula Halau in worshiping God through the art of Hula. Born and raised in Kona, she loves to point people to God through her cultural heritage.

She is a talented professional Accountant, and also serves the church family by leading the Accounting and Finance team.

Ku'uipo Johnson

Hula Ministry Leader and Accounting

Raised in a ministry home right here in Kona, James Begley has a heart to serve his community in ways that honor God. James leads our Men’s Ministry, and also serves as the Extension Director–heading up our community outreach and service programs.

He is currently finishing a degree in Counseling, and loves to help people reach their full potential in God.

James Begley

Men's Ministry and Extension Director

Stacey has a passion for sharing the Gospel of Jesus with the next generation. As our Treehouse Kids Ministry director, she leads a team of talented volunteers who desire to see the children of this community grow in Christ.

She also leads our Administration team, providing valuable resources and structure to empower the rest of the NHL teams and ministries

Stacey Fukushima

Kids Church & Admin Director

Rosalind Canite plays a vital role on our Church Board, providing providing valuable leadership and wisdom for the organization. She has a passion for prayer, and showing God’s love to the community in practical ways to see lives transformed by the Gospel.

Rosalind Canite

Prayer Ministry Leader and Board of Directors

God has given Jeff Guilloz a special ministry, reaching the local Big Island community out where daily life happens. A gifted hunter and fisherman, Jeff loves to use the resources God has placed in his hands to bless those around him–and God uses him daily to make an impact on the world.

Jeff Guilloz

Staff Pastor

Nahua Guilloz wears many hats in our church family, including Worship Leader, Board Member, and Staff Pastor. Raised in a ministry home, she knows the power of the Gospel to change lives–and she is bold to share the Good News with others!

Nahua Guilloz

Worship Leader and Board of Directors

Kateryna has been leading our congregation into the Presence of God as our Worship Director since 2021. As the leader of the worship ministry, she works to train new and developing artists to serve God through musicianship and vocal excellence. She has a passion for helping each team member grow in their gifts of musical ministry.

Kateryna Petriyenko

Worship Director

Chris Laletin serves on our Board of Directors, and leads our Production Team in ‘removing barriers to communication’. A visionary leader with strong marketplace experience, Chris leads through the power of relationship to empower the mission of our church family.

Chris Laletin

Production Director and Board of Directors

As our Women’s Ministry and Hospitality leader, Margaret Laletin loves to encourage leaders to grow in their calling.

Margaret Laletin

Women's Ministry Director and Hospitality

Robby Henriques is a proven and trusted servant in the New Hope Legacy church family. He has led and worked in many areas within our ‘ohana, and presently serves on our Production Team as a Camera Operator, as well as serving on our Board of Directors.

Robert Henriques

Board of Directors
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